Parlux hair dryers are high end devices that are used extensively for professional and domestic uses


Babyliss has many quality hair dryers to its credit. Whether it is domestic or professional hair dryer


Conair Company has a great variety of hair dryers to offer to its customers in a very reasonable price quotient.

Parlux 3800 Ionic Hair Dryer

Parlux hair dryers are high end devices that are used extensively for professional and domestic uses.

Caring for Your Blow Dryers

What do you do when you love something so much? It's a no-brainer. You care for it the best way you can, right? You do this to make sure that it'll be with you for a very long time. Come on girls, admit it. We are in-love with our blow dryers. A day cannot pass by without you seeking the warmth and styling touch of this tool on your locks. If you are saying yes right this very moment, then you should read on and get the best way to keep your hair dryers clean and in the long run, long-lasting.

The basic and most important thing in taking care of your blower is to keep it away from wet surfaces. Keep it away from water! Don't forget that it's just like any electrical device or appliance. When it gets soaked, it short-circuits. Accidents do happen. So when water gets in your blower, throw it off you. Although these tools are equipped with ground fault interrupters, surely, you don't want to be electrocuted. Thus, if you are to use it inside the bathroom, see to it that the sink is dry.

Manage the power cable well. Loop the cord neatly and tie it with a rubber band or any string just to keep it together. Also check it regularly for whichever breakage it has on it. Ensure that there are no wirings poking out.

Do not put your blow dryers on risky edges. If you don't make sure this is always done, you are making the chances of seeing your blow dryer fall off the floor and break down higher. Always secure the position of your dryers. There are available wall mounted hangers or holders in the market. You might want to purchase one to give your blow dryers that safe spot in your room and bathroom. Perhaps somewhere that is also convenient for you to reach.

The more often you use your blow dryer, the quicker it accumulates hair and dirt in its filter. Open up the detachable lint filter at the back part of your hair dryer regularly. Few times a week or month is ideal, depending on how frequent you make use of it. Use Q-tips or tweezers to reach for the hair, dust, dirt, and other debris there might be inside the filter. Of course, the blower has to be turned off when you do this.

The easiest part to sanitize is the hair dryer's casing. Just wipe the whole external part with a soft, alcohol-damped cloth. Just let it air dry and always keep it in a cool room.

Your blow dryer can serve you in thousand ways. It is but fair for it to be given the ample nurturing it deserves. It does make you beautiful anyway, so why not, make it as good-looking and in good condition as its owner. Alright, let's be realistic here. It's not just about making it run excellently for a long time. It's for your own safety and advantage too. Cleaning your blow dryers regularly (especially the lint filter) avoids overheating or worst case scenario - fire in your own house. Moreover, practicing the above tips will undeniably save you a lot of money just because you don't need to replace your blow dryer every now and then.

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